Notable Loot: Ozpyn Infused Blade Mk. IV (L), Cracked Shell, Bone-In Meat, Tide Claw Pristine Element, Zekkonian Relic, Ozpyn LPX – P4 (L), A.R.C. Tier 2 Limited Weapon Voucher, Imperium Pilot Scorpion Rank 13 (L), Enkidd Fang S.7 (L), Ozpyn BRS – P3 (L) (Young), Ozpyn LRS – P3 (L) (Young), Enkidd Fang S.3 (L), Imperium Issue HK 13500 (L), Ozpyn BRS – P4 (L), Ozpyn BPX – P4 (L)

Other Loot: Shrapnel, Animal Eye Oil, Animal Oil Residue, Focus Lens Component, Animal Thyroid Oil, Animal Hide, Socket 1 Component, Wool, Advanced Cloth Extractor, Electronic Stabilizing Component, Fine Wool, Soft Hide, Socket 2 Component, High Definition GUI Component, Basic Plastic Extractor, Inferior Cloth Extractor, Paint Can (Turqoise), Paint Can (Blue), Foundation (Chocolate)

Young Tide Claw325083.3Impact / ColdScanClick to Copy WP
Click to Copy WP
Click to Copy WP
Click to Copy WP
Click to Copy WP
Click to Copy WP
Mature Tide Claw750071.4Impact / ColdScanClick to Copy WP
Click to Copy WP
Click to Copy WP
Old Tide Claw15100066.6Impact / ColdScanClick to Copy WP
Click to Copy WP
Provider Tide Claw25200080Impact / ColdScanClick to Copy WP
Guardian Tide Claw35300085.7Impact / ColdScanClick to Copy WP
Dominant Tide Claw51500098Impact / ColdScanClick to Copy WP
Click to Copy WP
Alpha Tide Claw80700087.5Impact / ColdScanClick to Copy WP
Prowler Tide Claw99900090.9Impact / ColdScanClick to Copy WP
Click to Copy WP
Click to Copy WP
Gigantic Scuttler393155000394.4Impact / ColdScanSpecial Event
Mission NameRequirementsRewardCooldownNPC Location
Enkidd Howler S.4 Blueprint (L)
from Esther
Kill 1000 Tide ClawsEnkidd Howler S.4 Blueprint (L)One TimeClick to Copy WP
A.R.C. Faction Mission -
Stage 1 - Tide Claw
Kill 44x Tide Claw2x A.R.C. Faction BadgeOne TimeClick to Copy WP
Zyn'Nix Tempo - Old Tide ClawsKill 10 Old Tide Claw in 25 Minutes~0.1 PED Courage Skill21 HoursClick to Copy WP
Tanhok Decorator Bur'Kys - Hunters Decoration BlueprintsCollect points by killing Specific Maturities of Variant or Burning Jellyworm / 200 Mature Tide Claw / Generation I 5P1D3R / Alpha Hackfin / Puny Rhino Beetle / Adept Venataur(L) Decoration Blueprint7 DaysClick to Copy WP
Doctor Bylar - Island Biome Skill UpCollect samples by killing large Mobs on local islands:
Generation X 5P1D3R
Prowler Tide Claw
Ancient Rhino Beetle
Monsterously Toxic Jellyworm
Zeladoth Omicron
2x Neurobiotic Booster A2 5MG7 DaysClick to Copy WP
A Collection is Required – CoH Part 7Collect the following virtual items (they don’t actually drop) by killing other players in the Volcano PVP area and by killing mobs on Planet Cyrene:

– 2,500 Infected Lungs (Lootable PVP in Toxic Zone)(1 Lung per PVP Kill)
– 5,000 Molten Heart Shards (Molten Golems in Toxic Zone)(~1/3 Drop Rate)
– 25,000 Tide Claw Pincher Sinew (Tide Claws)(~1/3.2 Drop Rate on Tide Claw Matures)
– 25,000 Duster Ears (Dusters – Around Destroyed City)( ~1/3.3 Drop Rate on Duster Adepts)
– 25,000 Fenris Soulchips (Fenris)(~1/5 Drop Rate)
NAEpic - One TimeUnstable Turrelion Assassinator Epic
Zyn’viathan – Part 10 of 10 – No Need to be CrabbyGet 320,000 Tide Claw kill points.Zyn'viathan Coin TenEpic - One TimeThe Zyn’viathan Epic