Generally speaking I know literally nothing about the HUB aside from a couple of things:
– If you want to get there go to a teleporter and choose it from the drop down at the top.
– It will strip you of everything when you go there (And I mean EVERYTHING). You have a mindforce implant? It rips it right out of you. You leave and you want your implant back? Sometimes you have to relog my friend, as it will not show back up in your inventory until you do.
– WP do not work if you copy them outside of the game because there is a weird hard return in the code.

Beyond the above I will post anything I learn below:

There are many vendors in the hub. What they sell can be found on the vendors page.

The Pit

There are two types of mobs in the pit.
Pit Turrelia Lurkers (150HP)  they drop Shrapnel and Lime Green Tokens.
The Beast with 500HP shows up occasionally. It spawns every 2 hours. It drops mostly shrapnel.

It also can drop the following:

Mission NameRequirementsReward
A.R.C. Rank 1 Congratulations!Have 200x A.R.C. Faction Badges on you
A.R.C. Rank 2 Congratulations!Have 500x A.R.C. Faction Badges on youReward A.R.C. Lancer (L) Blueprint (L)
A.R.C. Rank 3 Congratulations!Have 1200x A.R.C. Faction Badges on you