“The Tailor”

Who is “The Tailor”?
A Zyn ‘Al’bryt Hoizyn’ from the Ice Plateau who’s making a new home in Zyn’Tukano! They’re big on loyalty and can help you increase some skills in return for doing a job for them. They are located here Al'Bryt Hoizyn

There appear be to be 3 missions:
Meet the Zyn Tailor – An Introduction – Just talking to them completes the mission.

Meet the Zyn Tailor – Prove Your Loyalty –

Ben Keery
Kayde Barnes
Hoban Statsk

I believe you have to do a mission for each of these guys once, as I didn’t need to talk to them and was able to complete this missions

Meet the Zyn Tailor – You call these pheromones?! (Repeatable)

Part 1: Hunt down Male Zeladoths and collect their hide 0/2000 points.

Devastator Male Zeladoth give 20 points each.

Part 2: Attempt to Craft Male Zeladoth Texture Blueprint 200 times. Blueprint is available in Blueprint terminal.

The Corrupted Laboratory?

There’s also some new Zyn’Tukano happenings! Elder Wysock’kee has sent his disciples into the Corrupted Laboratory on a cleansing ritual, but they are out matched and need your help. Within the Corrupted Laboratory, you’ll find allies who need your help within and outside of the dungeon. This is planned to be the first of several excursions to create a new backpack item focused on mining.
Entrance – Corrupted Laboratory

New Mob! Level 14 Reinforced Drill Bot 251 – 450HP

Can also be found Here

New backpack!

New Texture from Azale’Zyn. Prerequisite appears to be Level 5 Colorer



Reward: Zyn Basic Hide


Reward: Zyn Basic Bones


This appears to be points as I found a size 5 and got 2/2000

Reward: ?


The nodes appear to reset every 21-24 hours.
Node – [Planet Cyrene, 1569, 900, 108, Waypoint]
Node – [Planet Cyrene, 1581, 885, 108, Waypoint]
Node – [Planet Cyrene, 1609, 970, 108, Waypoint]
Node – [Planet Cyrene, 1663, 1016, 107, Waypoint]
Node – [Planet Cyrene, 1663, 964, 111, Waypoint]
Node – [Planet Cyrene, 1641, 997, 121, Waypoint]
Node – [Planet Cyrene, 1660, 1019, 132, Waypoint]

More pet missions!

Good old Zyn’Tao is looking for Caged Paneleons, Mang Changs, and Rhino Beetles to trade for new creature control pills. Excited to see what I can terrorize rookie with now!

Mining, mining and more mining!

A Reprogrammed Drill Bot has arrived and invaded the MazeWeaver Docks to task players with hunting down others of his kind for a new finder blueprint.

Drill into the system (repeatable)

  • Destroy Drill Bots 0/5500

They have double downed on all mining missions on Planet Cyrene, not only have they increased the variety of what rewards can be offered, they’ve also now added repeatable Rank 7 Mining missions to all existing Mining missions. That includes MINER’S PARADISE wooo! Looks like you will need to visit Ult-0-Min3r to grab that mission up near Risen Island.

Updated Reward Blueprints

New reward for Daily Texture Trade – Hoban Statsk (repeatable)

New reward for Daily Texture Crafting Challenge – Kayde Barnes (repeatable)

New reward for Ben’s Polkadot Blueprint – Pleak Feathers (repeatable)

The Rest!

Will add minor blips and bloops here:
– New Stable! WP Link
– New Janus Apts Teleporter – WP Link
– Additional cosmetic rewards for existing repeatable missions have been added. Will update as discovered
– All missions that are repeatable now have that amendment to their quest name to be more clear for all players. Which will be super handy!