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Mon-Fri 21:00, Sat/Sun 15:00 UTC

Weak Paneleon spread across Cyrene are also make great solo sweat creatures.
Many people sweat these Paneleon here.

Dire Weeds are also a recommended swunt mob for Dodge Skill.

There is a mission to collect 500 Sweat from Weak Paneleon in a certain area. This mission Rewards you with 1-3 Cyrene Mission Token. You can visit Auraforger ‘Axe’ at Rookie Training Area to get this mission.

There is a mission to turn in 500 Sweat for an A.R.C. Faction Badge. You can visit Andrina at 0x101 Supply Depot to turn in the sweat.

There is also a large sweat mission chain that can be found on this page Zyn’Tukano Psyche Master.

Thanks to Fire DBug Fly for helping contribute to this page