Zorra Location
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High Shaman Location

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Low Shaman Location

(Lazidol Summoner)
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StageMission NameRequirementsReward
1Meet with ZorraListen to all of Zorra's Information
2Skilled MessengerKill 1002 Imperium SoldiersA.R.C. Waystone
3Zorra Approves, You are the EmissaryTalk to Zorra Again
4At the Behest of the High ShamanGather 560 Mang Chang Tusks (1 per Mang Chang Kill)Zyn'Kimbro Spirit Dust
5Prove Your WorthKill 2800 PaneleonPetrified Paneleon Gizzard
6Vengeance for the FallenKill 1454 Zyn'DosZyn'Dos Blood
7A Tale of LegendsTalk to the High Shaman
8Summon the GladiatorKill 11,000 Merfolken + 1 Merfolken Spearman that spawns after 11,000 kills.
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Gladiator Spear
9The Legends were TrueTalk to the High Shaman
10A Powerful SummonsGive the High Shaman 40 Imperium Key Cubes
11Not Quite CompleteKill 512 SkreelEnchanted Lure
12A Deserved RewardRefine together:
A.R.C. Waystone
Zyn'Kimbro Spirit Dust
Purified Paneleon Gizzard
Zyn'Dos Blood
Gladiator Spear
Enchanted Lure
High Shaman: Zyn'Kimbro Enchanted Spear
Zorra: Xent Tech Light Rifle Prototype
13Hail Lazidol, The Great Sea Beast***Create a Greater Power Crystal*. With this on you talk to the High Shaman and he will give you a Lazidol Lure. You can come back for another one every 6 hours.
14Strange Times...

Once all stages are complete, hunt Lazidol for parts or buy parts. You will need 10 of each part. These are rare drops**.
10x Lazidol Tongue
10x Lazidol Brain Stem
10x Lazidol Shell Fragment
10x Lazidol’s Bone Fragment

Combine these parts with a Xent Tech Light Rifle Prototype in a refiner.

*Create a Greater Power Crystal by combining 10 Lesser Power Crystals and 10 Weakened Power Crystals in a refiner
**Extra parts can be traded 3 to 1 for a different part. EX: You can trade 3 Lazidol Tongues for 1 Lazidol Brain Stem. Click here to copy trader location. You have to have a Greater Power Crystal in your inventory to talk to the trader. There is a 7 day cool down on trade-ins before you can do it again.
***You must complete this mission to summon Lazidol by either making a Greater Power Crystal or borrowing one then talking to the high shaman to complete the mission. Alternatively, you can have someone else, who has completed the mission, summon for you.