A new Zyn Master has arrived at Zyn’Dars’ Hovel: Zyn'Dingo - Click to Copy WP! They are the next iteration of the Cyrene Epic Missions: The Zyn’viathan! Undergo their challenges and combine the rewards to enter the fabled Genesis Beach… what is the new mission and what might this beach hold? A Epic Pet apparently!

10 Missions are below. Rewards are Tradeable and Missions Repeatable.
All missions can be done simultaneously. I will add more details as they are discovered.

StageMission NameRequirementsReward
1Zyn'viathan - Part 1 of 10 - Healing HeartHeal other players with one of the listed Healing Tools.

"From the Discord - Here is how the healing mission works:

Equip one of the specified healing tools in the mission and KEEP IT equipped during the mission. As you heal a player actively hunting creatures on Cyrene upon the creatures death and based on the decay of your tool you will see progress on your bar."
Zyn'viathan Coin One
2Zyn’viathan – Part 2 of 10 – Intact Skull Bird SkullsKill 40,000 Skulls Birds at their nesting grounds.

Skull Bird Nesting Grounds - Click to Copy WP
Zyn'viathan Coin Two
3Zyn’viathan – Part 3 of 10 – These Damned Mechs!Kill 500,000 Renegade Hazard MechsZyn'viathan Coin Three
4Zyn'viathan - Part 4 of 10 - Looking Good!Prerequisite: Complete Zyn Psyche Master Aten'ten - Rank 4

Acquire 'Diamond in the rough' texture blueprint from Al'bryt Hoizyn by trading in 1000x Bone-Out-Meat + 2000x A.R.C. Badge

Craft Diamond in the rough texture 10,000 times.
Zyn'viathan Coin Four
5Zyn’viathan – Part 5 of 10 – Stone and RockFind 10,000 Olerin Claims, size doesn't matter.

Mining Map - Area 2, 18 and possibly 23 have had Olerin found in them.
Zyn'viathan Coin Five
6Zyn’viathan – Part 6 of 10 – A Snowy Death…Kill 250,000 Turrelion Zeladoth at the Rift - Click to Copy WPZyn'viathan Coin Six
7Zyn’viathan – Part 7 of 10 – A Mercenary Perhaps?Kill 1500 Players on in Cyrene PVP (Assume HUB PVP does not count)Zyn'viathan Coin Seven
8Zyn’viathan – Part 8 of 10 – A Tamer’s Work is Never DoneTame 2500 Rhino BeetlesZyn'viathan Coin Eight
9Zyn’viathan – Part 9 of 10 – A.R.C. LoyaltyTurn in 2500 A.R.C. BadgesZyn'viathan Coin Nine
10Zyn’viathan – Part 10 of 10 – No Need to be CrabbyKill 320,000 Tide ClawsZyn'viathan Coin Ten

Refine all 10 Coins together to create something that allows you to enter Genesis Beach