Skull Bird Nesting Grounds

The Skull Bird nesting ground seems to have had a makeover… would not want to walk around here in your nice shoes.

From the Forum post: “The Skull Birds have really dug into their new nesting grounds, however, due to the vitriol in which they live and consume their prey, the land around them has become altered…”

Skull Bird Nesting Grounds - Click to Copy WP

New Teleports @ ARC Headquarters

Teleport Locations - Click to Copy WP

Healing Stations!

It seems that some healing stations have been added outside of Rookie for the dedicated Cyrene sweaters/tamers
A.R.C. Scientist 1 - Click to Copy WP
A.R.C. Scientist 2 - Click to Copy WP
A.R.C. Scientist 3 - Click to Copy WP
A.R.C. Scientist 4 - Click to Copy WP

New level on Refurbished H.E.A.R.T. FAP!

Another Boffin has descended from Sky Labs in an attempt to continue to improve the Refurbished H.E.A.R.T. , Kandake - Click to Copy WP at the 0x101 Supply Depot can improve your Rank VII to Rank VIII after undergoing a new mission!

Additional Ananias is available for anyone who wants to swap the Refurbished H.E.A.R.T. from Speedy to Vigorous, please keep in mind this swap can only be done every 30 days, so choose carefully!

New FAP – Stage 11
– Get 5000 points killing Skull Birds
– Attempt to craft 60 Ore Skullmalgams (Blueprint is in the Technician Terminal)
– Turn in 30 Ore Skullmalgams + Fully repaired H.E.A.R.T. + 8,000 Animal Oil Residue
Trade it to her and upgrade to Rank VIII!

New Texture Blueprints!

A uniformed A.R.C. Officer by the name of Hoban - Click to Copy WP is in Zyn’Tukano during a bit of a rough spot: he needs some materials and clout in a hurry but can’t leave his post. If you help him out you can choose from a new molten texture blueprint. Name of the mission says “weekly”Weekly Texture Trade – Hoban Statsk”, but it appears this can be done daily.

A little something for those that are elbow deep in the CoH Mission Chain?

For those with death in their hearts, those who are working towards or have completed A Collection is Required – CoH Part 7 mission can come see Miss Regan Maul - Click to Copy WP near the Duster Hazing Station for a new mission.

Prerequisite: Finish Stage 6 CoH Missions
Ok so First Mission is to kill 2500 Players in the Duster Hazing Station Non Lootable PVP area + Turn in 2000 Animal Oil Residue and you will receive a cloak.

Second Mission:

Prerequisite: Finish CoH Missions

New Mob Locations

Byg Byrd – Click to Copy WP
Swamp Ranger Tier 1 – Click to Copy WP
Red ROOT – Click to Copy WP
Scout Bot 100 and 200 – Click to Copy WP

And some updates to the A.R.C. Imperium Snow Base Offensive event!

The A.R.C. Offensive that will launch again this summer. The Cyrene team has incorporated a lot of feedback from the players who participated as well as their own iterations.

The GOOD: There will now be a Solo version and a Team version, along with more maturities and Bosses that can be summoned. There will be Achievements.

The BAD: Pristines have been replaced with Droplets. Droplets: Refine 5 into 1 Pristine, these will only drop from A.R.C. Offensive Event, (normal pristines will continue to drop as they already do outside of the instance)
Droplets are: Paneleon Droplet, Tide Claw Droplet, Stalkerbot Droplet, Acidic Jelly Droplet, Wiles Droplet, Golem Droplet, Byrd Droplet​

A New Zyn Master has arrived! ZYN’VIATHAN EPIC

A new Zyn Master has arrived at Zyn’Dars’ Hovel: Zyn'Dingo - Click to Copy WP! They are the next iteration of the Cyrene Epic Missions: The Zyn’viathan! Undergo their challenges and combine the rewards to enter the fabled Genesis Beach… what is the new mission and what might this beach hold? A Epic Pet apparently!

10 Missions are below. Rewards are Tradeable and Missions Repeatable.
I will add more details as they are discovered.

Zyn’viathan – Part 1 of 10 – Healing Heart

Heal other players with one of the listed Healing Tools.

“Shawna From the Discord – Here is how the healing mission works:
Equip one of the specified healing tools in the mission and KEEP IT equipped during the mission. As you heal a player actively hunting creatures on Cyrene upon the creatures death and based on the decay of your tool you will see progress on your bar.”

Zyn’viathan – Part 2 of 10 – Intact Skull Bird Skulls

Kill Skulls Birds at their nesting grounds.

Skull Bird Nesting Grounds - Click to Copy WP

By my very rough guesstimate you need to kill around 35,000 – 40,000 skull birds for this mission

Zyn’viathan – Part 3 of 10 – These Damned Mechs!

Kill Renegade Hazard Mechs

Zyn’viathan – Part 4 of 10 – Looking Good!

Prerequisite: Complete Zyn Psyche Master Aten’ten – Rank 4

Acquire ‘Diamond in the rough’ texture blueprint from Al'bryt Hoizyn - Click to Copy WP by trading in 1000x Bone-Out-Meat + 2000x A.R.C. Badge

Craft Diamond in the rough texture 10,000 times.

Zyn’viathan – Part 5 of 10 – Stone and Rock

Mine up Olerin Stone.

Mining Map – Area 2, 18 and possibly 23 have had Olerin found in them.

Ok so after comparing of notes it *appears* that this only counts deposits. Size of find does not see to make any difference in progress. Also by my guess it seems like it is approximately 10,000 Finds of Olerin to complete.

Zyn’viathan – Part 6 of 10 – A Snowy Death…

Kill Turrelion Zeladoth at the Rift - Click to Copy WP

Zyn’viathan – Part 7 of 10 – A Mercenary Perhaps?

Kill 1500 Players on Cyrene in PVP

(Assume HUB PVP does not count)

Zyn’viathan – Part 8 of 10 – A Tamer’s work is never done

Tame 2500 Rhino Beetles

Zyn’viathan – Part 9 of 10 – A.R.C. Loyalty

Turn in 2500 A.R.C. Badges


Zyn’viathan – Part 10 of 10 – No need to be Crabby

Kill Tide Claws

By my very rough guesstimate you need to kill around 250,000 Tide Claws for this mission.
Each tick of progress is about 1000 Tide Claw.

Rare & Exclusive ‘Diamond in the Rough Texture’

Prerequisite: Complete Zyn Psyche Master Aten’ten – Rank 4

Acquire ‘Diamond in the rough’ texture blueprint from Al'bryt Hoizyn - Click to Copy WP by trading in 1000x Bone-Out-Meat + 2000x A.R.C. Badge