Holy instances Batman! The community demanded instances and boy did the Devs deliver!

New Instances!

Flesh Rippers!

Root Mechs!

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Living Storm!


Players can find a trio of solo instances with a small sweat cost (1000 Sweat) have been added at 0x101 Supply Depot.

Flesh Rippers: The Cave of Flesh where you can find all maturities, the Imperium is busy in here capturing and exporting these beasts to other areas of Cyrene. Location - Click to Copy WP

Root Mechs: Come to A.R.C. Forward Camp – ROOT and aid the A.R.C. Soldiers in a battle for the beach to try and contain these ROOT mechs. Location - Click to Copy WP

Living Storm: Aerithalas, a newly opened plane of existence where all Vortexes can be found in an arid wasteland. Location - Click to Copy WP

Also seems to be without a sweat cost:
Arret: Located from an entrance near Rookie Training Area Teleporter and venture into the Sky Labs to hunt down natural Arrets that have broken out and into the halls of Sky Labs. Location - Click to Copy WP

New Plates!

Dr. Elara Sterling is looking for Trabeculars, or spongy bones to help in the creation of new armor plating that is strong against cut damage.

Dr. Sterling can be found Location - Click to Copy WP

So much new information I have moved everything about the plates over to – A.R.C. Laceration Plates

A.R.C. Laceration Plate Base

A.R.C. Laceration Plate Adjusted

A.R.C. Laceration Plate Improved

A.R.C. Laceration Plate Modified

Seasonal Things!

Holiday Staffer Netley!

Be on the lookout for Holiday Staffer Netley’s arrival to know when you can participate in the holiday cheer on Cyrene.

I have no idea what this means! New Missions? Directions? Events? Just stand there and look pretty? Drew the short straw and has to work over the holidays? Who knows!

Z and Z are back!

It’s that time of year again, where Zyn’oddy and Zyn’ingle have setup at 0x101 Supply depot to collect and use the Holiday Magic that’s found on special Cyrene creatures.

Will they have new holiday texture missions for us this year?! OMG I NEED A NEW UGLY SWEATER

New Missions from these Guys:
Zyn’oddy’s Oddities – Sculptures (2023)! – Coming Soon
Find the Missing Holiday Textures! (2023 Edition) – Coming Soon
Find the DIFFICULT Missing Holiday Textures! (2023 Edition) – Coming Soon

Holiday mobies are no longer running amuck.

This year, there aren’t any free roaming holiday mobs, they’ve been contained to the A.R.C. Jolly Wonderland instance that you can access near Eve’s Playground in early December.

Other Missions:
— The Holiday Flower – Coming Soon
— Help Rudolph save Christmas! (2023 Edition) – Coming Soon
Also In mid December through the end of the year the holiday gifts will available. Details about gifts once they arrive!

And OMG BIG NEWS in Zyn’Viathan Land!

Zyn’viathan – Part 5 of 10 – Stone and Rock has been adjusted, now requiring 5k finds down from 10k.

Did you catch that? Hold on:

Zyn’viathan – Part 5 of 10 – Stone and Rock has been adjusted, now requiring 5k finds down from 10k.

Thank the heavens! Maybe we will see the new epic pet? FINALLY! We DID!Big Gratz to Nanashana Nana Itsanai to discovering the Epic Jellyworm Pet!

Thanks to Emir Sulje Suljetovic for sharing the buffs with everyone!

Other Bits and Bobs

– Kayde Barns has a couple new texture blueprints to earn from her daily mission: Daily Texture Crafting Challenge – Kayde Barnes Location - Click to Copy WP

Synthetic Yellow Plaid Blueprint (Level 30-35)

Synthetic Black and White Plaid Blueprint (Level 22-27)

– Ben Keery has a new texture blueprint to earn from his daily mission: Ben’s Polka dot Blueprint – Pleak Feathers (daily)

– Horned Whisker Fish, Armored Whisker Fish and Mature Armored Whisker Fish have returned with a new location Location - Click to Copy WP
– Risen Mining Island has been extended and filled with more Ores and Enmatters to find Location - Click to Copy WP
– Swunting in the Rookie area has been expanded to allow more native Paneleons to exist
– Private ‘Snow’ Landon’s mission: Arms Merchant – Ozpyn BPX-P1 or Ozpyn BPX-P3, has been reworked to ideally be something players are more interested in. Location - Click to Copy WP

  • Ozpyn BPX-P1 – 500 Robot Component Residue
  • Ozpyn BPX-P3 – 900 Animal Oil Residue

– Hunter’s cavern mob spawns across all instances now respawn faster
– Hunter’s cavern mob placement and layout for Tide Claws and Zeladoth’s have been updated

Also Snow Base event is coming back… wait? What it’s already started!? Why am I still typing? Go go go!

Snow Base Event: November 28th, 2023 05:00 EUT – December 6th, 2023 05:00 EUT