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New Point to point warp from 0x101 Supply Depot to the main area of the Undersea Folken.

Supply Depot
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Undersea Folken
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Rift Station Teleporter
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There is a new Imperium Ranger with 3 maturities that are found at random around the planet

Any players who enter the area when these Mobs are around will get a mission to kill it. If you do hunt down and dispatch this Imperium Ranger you’ll be awarded a set number of A.R.C. Badges depending on the maturity level.
You can kill each one, once every 24 hours.

3 Badges – Tier 1
Appears to spawn around Atlas and Rana Haven (This ranger mission is sometimes a little buggy)

6 Badges – Tier 2
Appears to spawn around Desert and Imperium Area

10 Badges – Tier 3
Appears to spawn on one of the Biome Islands and Zeladoth Area


All players who are on Cyrene or come to Cyrene will need to talk to Lt. Harris at the 0x101 Supply Depot to start the mission.

The mission will give you a Plushie!

Aquire Taking Care of Business – Search for Stolen Goods Mission from Lt. Harris at 0x101 Supply Depot.
Go to New Janus Estates. Check out Search Area and poke all the things. Find the Final Clue! Return to Lt. Harris. Take the note you found to Kamba Outpost on Next Island and talk to Lis!
Lis will give you a quest called “in the stars”. This quest you must search a tent for clues. Once you find the note, you can return to Lis. Lis will give you the plushie.


These quests will be activated December 1st/2nd, 2022 and will disappear January 6th, 2023

Zyn’oddy Elf and Zyn’ingle Elf are back with updates and additions to the limited time missions and creatures for the holiday season:
Zyn'oddy Elf has a new set of decorations to get via Holiday Magic along with a new Golden Rare decoration.

  • Zyn’oddy’s Oddities – Sculptures (2022)
    • Skyshatter Ice Sculpture
    • Turrelion Trader Ice Sculpture
    • Stalker Bot Ice Sculpture
    • Protocore Ice Sculpture
    • Drill Bot Ice Sculpture
    • Golden Turrelion Trader Sculpture

Zyn'ingle Elf, in his normal fashion, has lost the latest holiday texture blueprint and needs players to help him find them around Cyrene. Also once complete he has a more elusive hide and seek for more dedicated players to do with its own unique texture blueprint reward.

  • Find the Missing Holiday Textures! (2022 Edition)
    • Where the Spear meets tunnel make your way through the rubble. – Texture 1 – Click to copy WP
    • Check down below where the Arret dare not go. – Texture 2 – Click to copy WP
    • By the rocks take in the view of the docks – Texture 3 – Click to copy WP
    • Follow the bees to the end then look around for the rooted bend. – Texture 4 – Click to copy WP
    • Look for the hill which gives a view of cold winter days and ice fill nights. – Texture 5 – Click to copy WP
    • Return to Zyn’ingle for Ugly Sweater Holiday Texture BP Reward
  • Find the DIFFICULT Missing Holiday Texture! (2022 Edition)
    • Ruins peek through the grass of purple, trees cover above as the glow covers below. – Texture 1 – Click to copy WP
    • From this height you can see all of Cyrene, one wrong step and only the ocean you will see. – Texture 2 – Click to copy WP
    • Seek coverage from heat under the arches of ruble still strangely neat. – Texture 3 – Click to copy WP
    • Take passage through the water to ruins of danger, find the fallen and broken to hide from its anger. – Texture 4 – Click to copy WP
    • NO CLUE – Texture 5 – Click to copy WP
    • Return to Zyn’ingle for Deer Sweater Holiday Texture BP Reward

– A Note can be found near the Rift that will take players on a journey for a Cyrene Holiday Ball Cap (C).

Holiday creatures have invaded Cyrene for the season too, and the normal location around Here. Locations and mob information can be found at https://cyrenedream.org/holiday-mobs

  • Jolly Swamp Lurker
    • L45 – Epic Jolly Lurker – [Planet Cyrene, 136782, 77074, 126, Waypoint]
    • L41 – Heavy Jolly Lurker – [Planet Cyrene, 136854, 77004, 120, Waypoint]
    • L19 – Elite Jolly Lurker – [Planet Cyrene, 136925, 76985, 115, Waypoint]
    • L12 – Old Jolly Lurker – [Planet Cyrene, 136920, 77068, 115, Waypoint]
    • L5 – Mature Jolly Lurker – [Planet Cyrene, 136984, 77119, 113, Waypoint]
    • L4 – Young Jolly Lurker – [Planet Cyrene, 136945, 77175, 115, Waypoint]
    • L1 – Puny Jolly Lurker – [Planet Cyrene, 137102, 77195, 114, Waypoint]
  • Jolly Jellyworm
    • L24 – Elite Jolly Jellyworm – [Planet Cyrene, 136399, 76878, 133, Waypoint]
    • L59 – Epic Jolly Jellyworm – [Planet Cyrene, 136338, 77043, 134, Waypoint]
    • L61 – Heavy Jolly Jellyworm – [Planet Cyrene, 136472, 76968, 135, Waypoint]
    • L17 – Old Jolly Jellyworm – [Planet Cyrene, 136542, 76852, 135, Waypoint]
    • L5 – Young Jolly Jellyworm – [Planet Cyrene, 136512, 76786, 141, Waypoint]
    • L1 – Puny Jolly Jellyworm – [Planet Cyrene, 136556, 76767, 144, Waypoint]
    • L8 – Mature Jolly Jellyworm – [Planet Cyrene, 136647, 76813, 127, Waypoint]
  • Jolly Byg Byrd
    • L283 – Jolly Byg Byrd – [Planet Cyrene, 136995, 77518, 133, Waypoint]
    • L42 – Epic Jolly Pleak – [Planet Cyrene, 136889, 77470, 135, Waypoint]
    • L39 – Heavy Jolly Pleak – [Planet Cyrene, 136711, 77415, 133, Waypoint]
    • L22 – Elite Jolly Pleak – [Planet Cyrene, 136611, 77272, 135, Waypoint]

Between Dec 15th and Dec 31st the Holiday Treat Bags will go out.

Upon Logging in post VU Depositors received the Holiday Furniture Coffee Table


There appear to be some spawn adjustments this VU:

1. Imperium Pilots, Grunts, Guards are now moved to all around this area. Click to Copy WP

2. Ancient Sky Wraiths have their own spawn now! Click to Copy WP

3. Prowler Tree Dragons and Old Alpha Tree Dragons around here Click to Copy WP

4. Alpha Tree Dragons Click to Copy WP

5. Guardian Sky Wraiths got a spawn increase Click to Copy WP

6. Paneleon spawns have divided into maturity groupings and moved. New locations below:

Old Prowler
Old Stalker
Old Alpha

7. New Maturities of Tree Dragon around here
– Old Tree Dragon
– Provider Tree Dragon
– Guardian Tree Dragon
– Dominant Tree Dragon

8. Flesh Rippers area has expanded, and they have moved around a bit. I have updated the maturity locations on the mob page.

Thanks to Xavier Malaki Kane for helping contribute to this page