This mission eventually leads to getting the Unstable Turrelion Assassinator weapon. This weapon is planet bound.

Stage 1 – Aquire Coat of the Proving Grounds

Go to the Hub by selecting it from any teleporter drop down menu.

Gather 550,000 Lime Green Tokens. You will need these to purchase the ‘Coat of the Proving Ground (M/F)’.

Gather tokens by killing Pit Turrelia Lurkers (150HP) in the Pit or by picking them up from the floor in the Proving Grounds. You can also buy them from other players. Token drops from lurkers seem to be 0-15 tokens per kill.

Purchase a Coat of the Proving Grounds from Item Quarter Bot J.O.N.A.S. He is in the hub at the entrance hall of the Proving Grounds. So take the teleporter to the proving grounds and you will find him.

Stage 2 – CoH Part 1

Leave the Hub, then go back to the Hub, and you should get a mission popup. Wear the Coat of the Proving Grounds and talk to Hyden the Cypher. He can be found here.

Stage 3 – Hyden the Cypher – CoH Part 2

Pass Hyden’s Test by killing a Crystal Pede – here

Stage 4 – The Cypher – CoH Part 3

Talk to Hyden. You will receive a rare item called Turrelia Rift Beacon.

Stage 5 – Find the Rifts – CoH Part 4

With the Turrelia Rift Beacon in your inventory check around the planet and find seven areas “that could be potentially dangerous”. If you talk to Hyden again and he will give you some hints.

Great Desert Rift – Click to Copy WP
Rockwall Perimeter Rift – Click to Copy WP
Gardens Rift – Click to Copy WP
Mining Islands Rift – Click to Copy WP
Volcanic Rift – Click to Copy WP
Watering Hole Rift – Click to Copy WP
Undersea Rift – Click to Copy WP

Once all rifts found go speak to Hyden again. He will direct you to speak with Hub Duvall.

Stage 6 – To hear the tale…the Cypher! – CoH Part 5

Kill 5,000 other players. Any PVP area either on Planet Cyrene or in the Hub counts.

This stage is repeatable every 7 days for skills.
– 4PED of EACH Combat Reflexes, Dexterity, Inflict Melee Damage, Inflict Ranged Damage and Anatomy

Additional Notes: We paid people to die for us in the hub in the proving grounds. Costs 5 sweat per kill so 25,000 sweat total. We paid 5 PED per 30 minutes (10 PED/HR) for people to run in an die over and over and it cost approximately 450PED.

Shout out to these wonderful people for helping us in this mission!
Nait Naity Regreb, Xavier Malaki Kane, CZE usoplesk4 CZE, Prototype Akbalox Drone, Landon Snow Eirson, Baunty Master Splean, Carlos Trel Suarez, Xaruka bhunter bhunter10, Project Alice Project, Vartiainen Vartiainen Vartiainen, Totoian Toto Eleodor, Gym Gymmy MacHais, SonNang KingS09 Thach, Ashley Ash Fredrickson, Bib LordVolume Fortuna, Lady Spire Crusade, Usreguil Eldiablo Delavion, E6 Zeyt Raw, A1 Nex Raw, Timmoty Shots Farmer, Andrew Raven Smith!

Stage 7 – An Unnatural Thirst – CoH Part 6

To speak to Hyden you need to have 900 A.R.C. Faction badges on you. Then you can turn in 60,000 bottles of Vibrant Sweat.

Stage 8 – A Collection is Required – CoH Part 7

Collect the following virtual items (they don’t actually drop) by killing other players in the Volcano PVP area and by killing mobs on Planet Cyrene:

– 2,500 Infected Lungs (Lootable PVP in Toxic Zone)(1 Lung per PVP Kill)
– 5,000 Molten Heart Shards (Molten Golems in Toxic Zone)(~1/3 Drop Rate)
– 25,000 Tide Claw Pincher Sinew (Tide Claws)(~1/3.2 Drop Rate on Tide Claw Matures)
– 25,000 Duster Ears (Dusters – Around Destroyed City)( ~1/3.3 Drop Rate on Duster Adepts)
– 25,000 Fenris Soulchips (Fenris)(~1/5 Drop Rate)

**Note after stage 8, I have only a vague understanding of this mission so it is my best guess with information complied from several sources and it may not be 100% correct.**

Stage 9 – Your Just Rewards – CoH Finale

???? Weapon ????

Thanks to Mike Squeaks Arndt for helping contribute to this page!