Talk to the Tanhok Ambassador
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StageMission NameRequirementsReward
1Stage 1: The Zeladoth Pandemic (part 1)Earn 10000 Zeladoth Kill Points (Only Alpha-Kappa)Tanhok Stage 1 Completion Coin
2Stage 2: Squash the InvadersKill 1500 Merfolken SpearmanTanhok Stage 2 Completion Coin
3Stage 3: The Zeladoth Pandemic (part 2)Earn 10000 Zeladoth Kill Points (Only Lambda and up)Tanhok Stage 3 Completion Coin
4Stage 4: Right Outta The SkyKill 2650 Sky WraithTanhok Stage 4 Completion Coin
5Stage 5: Cleansing the SeaKill 625 MuckjawTanhok Stage 5 Completion Coin
6Stage 6: Into the Tamangon FiresKill 600 Molten/Lava GolemsTanhok Stage 6 Completion Coin
7Stage 7: Yes, All the Skulls...Kill 4400 Skull BirdsTanhok Stage 7 Completion Coin
8Stage 8: Stalking the StalkersKill 1550 StalkersTanhok Stage 8 Completion Coin
9Stage 9: We Need a Bigger BoatKill 315 WilesTanhok Stage 9 Completion Coin
10Stage 10: Bevis and the GangKIll 2500 DustersTanhok Stage 10 Completion Coin

Once you complete all of the missions put all 10 Completion Tokens in a refiner with Tanhok Amber and you will get a Tanhok Tribesman Token.

Visit the Tanhok Trader
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Trade the Tanhok Tribesman Token for the weapon on your choice.

Tanhok Amber is looted from various mobs. Confirmed so far is: Wiles, Renegade Hazard Mech Root