Notable Loot: Wiles Pristine Element, Roy Vulker’s Arm Guards (M,L), Roy Vulker’s Arm Guards (F,L), Vacuum Flux Energy Generator, Jonah’s Wiles Destroyer (L), Imperium Issue HK 2900 (L)

Other Loot: Shrapnel, Animal Oil Residue, Animal Eye Oil, Animal Kidney Oil, Wool, Socket 7 Component, Animal Spleen Oil, Animal Liver Oil, Animal Thyroid Oil, Animal Hide

Wiles100450045Penetration / Impact / Cut / StabScanClick to Copy WP
Giga-Wiles302105000347.6Penetration / Impact / Cut / StabScanClick to Copy WP
Mission NameRequirementsRewardCooldownNPC Location
A.R.C. Faction Mission -
Stage 1 - Wiles
Kill 4x Wiles4x A.R.C. Faction BadgeOne TimeClick to Copy WP
Doctor Bylar - Island Biome Skill UpCollect samples by killing large Mobs on local islands:
Generation X 5P1D3R
Prowler Tide Claw
Ancient Rhino Beetle
Monsterously Toxic Jellyworm
Zeladoth Omicron
2x Neurobiotic Booster A2 5MG7 DaysClick to Copy WP
Stage 9: We Need a Bigger BoatKill 315 WilesTanhok Stage 9 Completion CoinEpic - One TimeTanhok Ambassador Epic
Gear Up: New Fap - Stage 10Kill 3000 Muckjaw / Skreel / Wiles
Turn in:
- 275 Synthetic Rubber
Attempt to Craft 1000 Zorn Component A or Muscle Compound
Vigorous Refurbished H.E.A.R.T. Rank VII or
Speedy Refurbished H.E.A.R.T. Rank VII or
Refurbished H.E.A.R.T. Rank VII
Epic - One TimeRefurbished H.E.A.R.T. FAP