Byebye Holiday Mobs, hello new Skull Bird Maturities

So it looks like the Holiday Mobs are disappearing for the year and being replaced with NEW never before seen maturities of skull birds! New maturities in table below!

Mature Skull Bird14770ScanClick to Copy WP
Old Skull Bird211300ScanClick to Copy WP
Provider Skull Bird281830ScanClick to Copy WP
Guardian Skull Bird322360ScanClick to Copy WP
Dominant Skull Bird362890ScanClick to Copy WP
Alpha Skull Bird423420ScanClick to Copy WP
Old Alpha Skull Bird463950ScanClick to Copy WP
Prowler Skull Bird514800ScanClick to Copy WP
Stalker Skull Bird545330ScanClick to Copy WP

New Shirt for Ambassadors

Special clothing for Old and New Cyrene Ambassadors! Now we will be able to recognize them if they wear it in game!

Current Ambassadors are:
– Penelope Penny Lane
– Gradara Akasha Thukilar
– Fate Thanatos Themis

New Container Mission

A new mission in Zyn’Tukano from Satchel Maker Ro-bin’zyn who will offer you a blueprint once a week for Cyrene’s first container!

If you have completed all the Zyn’Tukano Psyche Master
sweat turn in missions you can get a 7 click blueprint once a week for this new container for turning in 1000 Shrapnel and 20 A.R.C. Faction Badges.

If you have not done all the sweat missions you can get a 7 click blueprint once a week by making 10 attempts at crafting Lysterium Power Containers, Find 5 Claims of Lysterium, and turn in 1000 Shrapnel and 20 A.R.C. Faction Badges.

After VU Feb 28th


After Update this box is now called Lysterium Infused Zyn-tainer (deprecated) (C)

After VU Mini Patch Mar 7th

Scout Bot Island Expanded

There are now multiple pens around Mer Beach Keys Teleporter to hunt scout bots now!

New Terminal Areas

Looks like several areas will be getting terminals.
– Sweat Circles @ Zyn’Tukano – Terminals , Terminals

– Wasp Queen Summoner – Terminals

– Lazidol Summoner – Terminals

– Rookie – Terminals, Terminals, Terminals, Terminals, Terminals

New Body Suit!

The scientists at the Rift have been hard at work, trying to combine the powers of both the Turrelia Touched and Duster Courier clothing sets into one powerful body suit. Visit Penndolina over at the Rift to learn more about how to create it! Fun! Check out how to make the Touched and Courier clothing over on Touched/Courier Clothing page.

The new Courier Touched Body Suit can be made by refining all pieces of the Touched/Courier Clothing sets and 500 A.R.C. Faction Badges in a refiner.
The Body Suit gives:
– Increased run speed 25%,
– Skill gain on Mining/Tool Construction/Garment Construction/Item Construction by 4%
– 20KG Carry Capacity

Spawn Adjustments

Rana Imperium Ranger Tier 1 now located at – Click to Copy WP