Notable Loot: Renegade Adjusted Component, Tier 4 Component, Scrap Metal, Aquatic Gland, Creature Hide, Shed Skreel Tail, Pure Body Oil, Imperium Issue HK 4600 (L)

Other Loot: Shrapnel, Animal Liver Oil, Animal Pancreas Oil, Animal Eye Oil, Socket 1 Component, Wool, Animal Muscle Oil, Animal Oil Residue, Socket 5 Component, Infrasound Emitter Component

Skreel46200043.4Impact / Cut / ElectricScanClick to Copy WP
Click to Copy WP
Red Skreel56440078.5Stab / ElectricScanClick to Copy WP - Spawns after 40 Kills
Click to Copy WP - Spawns after 40 Kills
Mission NameRequirementsRewardCooldownNPC Location
A.R.C. Faction Mission -
Stage 1 - Skreel
Kill 9x Skreel4x A.R.C. Faction BadgeOne TimeClick to Copy WP
Not Quite CompleteKill 512 SkreelEnchanted LureEpic - One TimeZorra’s HK Epic
Gear Up: New Fap - Stage 10Kill 3000 Muckjaw / Skreel / Wiles
Turn in:
- 275 Synthetic Rubber
Attempt to Craft 1000 Zorn Component A or Muscle Compound
Vigorous Refurbished H.E.A.R.T. Rank VII or
Speedy Refurbished H.E.A.R.T. Rank VII or
Refurbished H.E.A.R.T. Rank VII
Epic - One TimeRefurbished H.E.A.R.T. FAP