This has been another busy month and we have been working hard on our November Updates. Despite taking a short break for Halloween Mayhem, there has been a lot of content added to the site in November. A few of the bigger updates are listed below!

List of November 2022 Updates:
– Updated some mining finds on the Mining Map
– Added Mob location maps to each Mob page
– Added Content to Wave Spawn page
– Updated Pets page
– Updated Zyn’Tukano Psyche Master page
– Added Content to One Time Missions page
– Created Winter 2022 VU Page
– Created Holiday Mob Page
– Updated spawn locations for Paneleon/Imperium Soldiers/Imperium Pilots/Tree Dragons/Sky Wraiths/Golem/Undersea Folken
– Updated Teleporter Page with new Rift Station Teleporter
– Added a few missing details to various mob pages
– Various corrections to location WPs

As always any suggestions, information or errors can be submitted via our Discord or find me in game Gradara Akasha Thukilar.