Hi everyone! I am mostly back…ish. Has been a busy month getting all the new VU information onto the site but I think most of it is finally there.

List of September 2023 Updates:
– Updated some mining finds on the Mining Map for 2023 confirmed finds.
– Added some Notable Loot / Other Loot to some Mob Pages.
– Created and Updated page for the Fall VU
– Added information to page for The Zyn’viathan Epic
– Update Snow Base Event information page
– Updated Teleporter Map
– Created a PVP event in game, will see how that works and if anyone if interested in it going forward.
– Various small corrections.

Also a big thank you to everyone who donated to the website. We met our hosting cost goal for the next year so a HUGE thank you from me to you! I couldn’t do this without you!

As always any suggestions on content you would like to see, information or errors can be submitted via our Discord or find me in game Gradara Akasha Thukilar feel free to send me a friend request.