Hi everyone! Once again my updates have been a little bit light this past month. Have been dealing with a few medical issues that are going to extend into September as well. As always I will endeavor to keep things as up to date as possible with the new VU coming out in September but I ask that everyone have patience as I likely won’t be as quick to get all new content up.

List of August 2023 Updates:
– Updated some mining finds on the Mining Map for 2023 confirmed finds.
– Added some Notable Loot / Other Loot to some Mob Pages.
– Updated page for the Summer VU
– Added information to page for The Zyn’viathan Epic
– Various small corrections.
– Update Snow Base Event information page

As always any suggestions on content you would like to see, information or errors can be submitted via our Discord or find me in game Gradara Akasha Thukilar.