Despite Merry Mayhem we have still been adding more content this December. A few of the bigger updates are listed below!

List of December 2022 Updates:
– Updated some mining finds on the Mining Map
– Added some notable loot to some Mob Pages
– Have started updating maps on each Mob Page to new version map and adding additional locations when found.
– Added Content to One Time Missions Page
– Added Content to Repeatable Mission Page
– Added Information to Winter 2022 VU Page
– Added Information to Holiday Mob Page
– Added Information to Sweat Page
– HUB Vendors Added to Vendor Page
– WIP map of all mob locations
– Added a few missing details to various mob pages
– Various corrections to location WPs

As always any suggestions, information or errors can be submitted via our Discord or find me in game Gradara Akasha Thukilar. Looking forward to 2023!!!