Notable Loot: Nova Fragment, Intact Eye

Other Loot: Shrapnel, Animal Pancreas Oil, Animal Eye Oil, Fine Wool, Super Charger Component, Strong Cloth Extractor, Animal Muscle Oil, Animal Oil Residue, Socket 4 Component, Socket 1 Component, Surface Hardener Component, Animal Hide, Wool, Socket 5 Component, Output Amplifier Component, Animal Adrenal Oil, Diluted Mineral Extractor, Basic Leather Extractor, Basic Wood Extractor, Soft Hide, Adaptive Fire Rate Component, High Definition GUI Component, Silver Paint, Orange Paint

Lone Horned Whisker Fish
(There is only 1 that spawns when the mission is triggered)
2525010Penetration / ImpactScanClick to Copy WP - Mission Location
Horned Whisker Fish4190021.9Penetration / ImpactScanClick to Copy WP
Armored Whisker Fish35175050Impact / CutScanClick to Copy WP
Mature Armored Whisker Fish57250043.8Impact / CutScanClick to Copy WP
Mission NameRequirementsRewardCooldownNPC Location
A.R.C. Faction Mission -
Stage 1 - Armored Whisker Fish
Kill 11x Armored Whisker Fish4x A.R.C. Faction BadgeOne TimeClick to Copy WP
A.R.C. Faction Mission -
Stage 1 - Horned Whisker Fish
Kill 13x Horned Whisker Fish4x A.R.C. Faction BadgeOne TimeClick to Copy WP
Test of Courage!Kill a Lone Horned Whisker Fish1x Cyrene Mission Token21 HoursClick to Copy WP