Notable Loot: Bone, Tier 4 Component, Sea Wraith Hide, Synthetic Rubber, Zekkonian Claw Gamma (L), Mostly Intact Skull Bird Skull, Tier 3 Component, Tier 2 Component, Big Bird Wing

Other Loot: Shrapnel, Animal Oil Residue, Animal Adrenal Oil, Animal Muscle Oil, Animal Hide, Surface Hardener Component, Paint Can (Violet Cream), Output Amplifier Component, Rationalizer Component, Fine Wool, Wool, Soft Hide, Animal Thyroid Oil, Electronic Stabilizing Component, Basic Mineral Extractor, Weak Cloth Extractor, Advanced Wood Extractor, Advanced Leather Extractor, Paint Can (Umber), Paint Can (Purple), Surface Toughness Component, Socket 3 Component, Socket 2 Component, Adaptive Fire Rate Component

Weak Sea Wraith1100Penetration / CutScanClick to Copy WP
Watcher Sea Wraith2100Penetration / CutScanClick to Copy WP
Soldier Sea Wraith3100Penetration / CutScanClick to Copy WP
Ravager Sea Wraith19450Cut / ElectricScanClick to Copy WP
Devastator Sea Wraith24600Cut / ElectricScanClick to Copy WP
Click to Copy WP
Hunter Sea Wraith29700Cut / ElectricScanClick to Copy WP
Chaser Sea Wraith32800Cut / ElectricScanClick to Copy WP