October 2022 Updates

This has been a busy month and we have been working hard on all October 2022 Updates! There has been a lot of content added to the site in October. A few of the biggest updates are listed below.

List of October 2022 Updates:
– Added New Mining Map
– Added Sweating Information Menu
– Added Neff’s Stim Pack Mission details
– Added H.E.A.R.T. Fap Mission details
– Added Tanhok Ambassador Mission details
– Added Zorra’s HK Epic details
– Added Rana Haven Area – WIP
– Added Robot Base Z.R.Q Area – WIP
– Added Zyn’Tukano Psyche Master Mission details – WIP
– Additions and Updates to Repeatable Mission Page
– Additions to One Time Mission Page – WIP
– Updated Item Vendor Page – WIP

Looking towards November we are hoping to add more mission information to the One-Time Mission page as well as adding mob location maps to each mob page.

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