New VU this month and Cyrene did not disappoint!

List of June 2023 Updates:
– Updated some mining finds on the Mining Map for 2023 confirmed finds.
– Added some notable loot to some Mob Pages.
– Now working on getting pictures of the various items up on the blueprint pages. This is going to take some time
– Updated HUB page with some missions
– Updated page for the Summer VU so take a peak at all the new things!
– Added page for The Zyn’viathan Epic
– Added and New Blueprints in blueprints pages.
– Updated a many screenshots after changes/updates made.
– Updated some maps to reflect new changes (Mining, Trees, Mob Locations, TP, etc)
– Various small corrections.
– Added new missions to repeatable and one time missions pages
– Added page for Tier 2 Limited Voucher

As always any suggestions on content you would like to see, information or errors can be submitted via our Discord or find me in game Gradara Akasha Thukilar.