Notable Loot: Renegade Perfected Component, HK Series S-50 (L)

Other Loot: Robot Component Residue, Interactive Simplifier Component, Cbase Robot Plastic, Second-Rate Cloth Extractor, Medium Grade Electronic Component, Electronic Stabilizing Component, Socket 5 Component, Output Amplifier Component

Fenris Elite Guard40310077.5Impact / Penetration / BurnScanClick to Copy WP
Click to Copy WP
Click to Copy WP
Fenris Dock Guardian50400080Impact / Penetration / BurnScanClick to Copy WP
Click to Copy WP
Summoned Renegade Fenris ( 1/4 Chance )33200060.6Impact / Penetration / BurnScanClick to Copy WP
Mission NameRequirementsRewardCooldownNPC Location
A.R.C. Faction Mission -
Stage 1 - Fenris
Kill 7x Fenris4x A.R.C. Faction BadgeOne TimeClick to Copy WP
Stomp the WolfKill 100 Fenris0.94 PED Dodge Skill21 HoursClick to Copy WP
Doctor Bylar - Skill Up?Collect samples by killing Mobs across Cyrene:
60x Young Skull Bird
Generation III 5P1D3R
Gatherer Protocore
Fenris Elite Guard
Old Mang Chang
Lava Infused Golem
Rhyncho Bird
Purslane Weed
Engorged Crystal Pede
2x Neurobiotic Booster A1 5MG7 DaysClick to Copy WP
A Collection is Required – CoH Part 7Collect the following virtual items (they don’t actually drop) by killing other players in the Volcano PVP area and by killing mobs on Planet Cyrene:

– 2,500 Infected Lungs (Lootable PVP in Toxic Zone)(1 Lung per PVP Kill)
– 5,000 Molten Heart Shards (Molten Golems in Toxic Zone)(~1/3 Drop Rate)
– 25,000 Tide Claw Pincher Sinew (Tide Claws)(~1/3.2 Drop Rate on Tide Claw Matures)
– 25,000 Duster Ears (Dusters – Around Destroyed City)( ~1/3.3 Drop Rate on Duster Adepts)
– 25,000 Fenris Soulchips (Fenris)(~1/5 Drop Rate)
NAEpic - One TimeUnstable Turrelion Assassinator Epic