Notable Loot: Dire Weed Flaxen, Ozpyn BPX – P2 (L)

Other Loot: Shrapnel, Animal Eye Oil, Animal Muscle Oil, Socket 2 Component, Animal Oil Residue, Advanced Leather Extractor, Soft Hide, Electronic Stabilizing Component, Basic Mineral Extractor

Sprouted Dire Weed45012.5Impact / CutScanClick to Copy WP
Click to Copy WP
Old Dire Weed620033.3Impact / CutScanClick to Copy WP
Mature Dire Weed840050Impact / CutScanClick to Copy WP
Mutated Dire Plant1030030Impact / CutScanClick to Copy WP
Click to Copy WP
Guardian Dire Plant1550033.3Impact / CutScanClick to Copy WP
Purslane Weed31240077.4Impact / AcidScanClick to Copy WP - Spawns after 50 Kills
Click to Copy WP - Spawns after 50 Kills
Summoned Dire Weed ( 1/4 Chance )33200060.6Burn / AcidScanClick to Copy WP - Mission Location
Click to Copy WP - Spawn Location
Mission NameRequirementsRewardCooldownNPC Location
Dragonfly v1 (L) Blueprint (L)
from Esther
Kill 1000 Dire Weeds or Dire PlantsDragonfly v1 (L) Blueprint (L)One TimeClick to Copy WP
A.R.C. Faction Mission -
Stage 1 - Dire Weed
Kill 95x Dire Weeds2x A.R.C. Faction BadgeOne TimeClick to Copy WP
Puny Tempo Trial - Dire WeedKill 10 Sprouted Dire Weed in 15 Minutes~0.01 PED Laser Weaponry Technology21 HoursClick to Copy WP
Zyn'Nix Tempo - Guardian Dire PlantsKill 14 Guardian Dire Plants in 25 Minutes~0.1 PED Anatomy21 HoursClick to Copy WP
A.R.C. Faction Mission - Stage 1 - Daily - Mutated Dire WeedKill 12 Mutated Dire Weeds1x A.R.C. Faction Badge21 HoursClick to Copy WP
Pict's Pollen IssueKill 20 Mutated Dire Weeds8x Cyrene Mission Token21 HoursClick to Copy WP
Doctor Bylar - Skill Up?Collect samples by killing Mobs across Cyrene:
60x Young Skull Bird
Generation III 5P1D3R
Gatherer Protocore
Fenris Elite Guard
Old Mang Chang
Lava Infused Golem
Rhyncho Bird
Purslane Weed
Engorged Crystal Pede
2x Neurobiotic Booster A1 5MG7 DaysClick to Copy WP